A Greener Way To Pay


Commitment to the Community
Our community drives our business, which is why Telpay is a proud supporter of many important local initiatives.

Bright Idea Graphics is excited to have designed a Special Edition Logo for Telpay’s 2020 A Greener Way to Pay initiative,

In fact Telpay is one of Canada’s leading eco spirited enterprises long before it ever became as socially responsible as it is today, electronic payments after all eliminates the need for paper to begin with. Did you know that Telpay is Canada’s largest electronic payment provider. 

Our goal in the studio was to create a brand that essentially was an extension of Telpay’s existing logo and a complimentary business card in the same layout and format.


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Green Action Plan

As Canadian leaders in electronic payment processing since 1985, Telpay’s core business has helped countless businesses reduce their impact on the environment. by eliminating the paper cheque function in their company bookkeeping. As such, we feel poised to be a leader in the corporate environmental movement. Lean More