Inspired by the strength and beauty of famous mountains around the world our Summit Series Branding Design Packages are created to add the same beauty and strength to your brand.

Building your brand does not stop with the logo, building a brand takes a many factors which is why our Summit Series Brand Design Packages are a perfect choice for your business.

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Logo Design

Bright Idea Graphics provides custom logo design with three different price levels. All Logo’s are created in Adobe® Illustrator and are vector based.

  • Web and Print formats
  • Horizontal and Vertical Layouts
  • Multi-Formats such as pdf, png, eps, ai
  • Colour and Black and White
  • Screen and Embroidery Printing
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Corporate Identity

Thinking of a new or re designing your brand? This package combines design and printing of the following core products into one convenient package.

  • New Basic Logo (Re)Design
  • Letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Presentation Folders
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Social Media Package

All Social Media platforms have different size requirements for their respective websites. Our Social Media Package provides you with your branded graphics sized perfectly;

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Linked In
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
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Rocket your brand’s online presence using our Email Marketing design and publishingservices. 

Inspired by some of histories greatest rockets that took us to new heights, Sales Booster Kits by Bright Idea Graphics will boost your brand’s awareness into new heights with our exclusive product suite of online and print media products.

Each Sales Booster Kit delivers a product suite of ongoing monthly updates for Websites | Blog posts – Social Media posts and monthly Email Newsletter Design + Publish! 

To give your your brand identity that extra boost in we added aspecial design and print feature on your key marketing media such as  Brochures | Business Cards | Post Cards. Thiscombination provides an all in one solution to maximize your ROI.

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Featured Products

Print Media

Table Covers

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Graphic Design

6 Channel Package

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Custom T-Shirts

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Print Media

Event Tents

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Painted Edge Cards

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Print Media

Kraft Cards

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Getting Started

Creative Design Workflow

Bright Idea Graphics innovative design solutions will illuminate your brand on the web and in print.

Once we receive your request for information or a quote we will prepare a Scope of Work detailing time frames and media along with and a budget for your review and approval.

Once approved our creative department will create some exciting visual mockups for your review and delivered in a PDF format via email in 3-4 days depending on the task. After 2-3 rounds of revisions, your brand is completed and approved.

If your job is for print then we take an extra step in the proofing to ensure perfection. Unlike the web, once it's printed it too late to make any changes.

Every job is 100% Quality Guaranteed!