A l’Epi be Ble

A freshly baked logo and brand and website is now being served by A l’Epi de Ble – Winnipeg French Bakery founded by Nathalie Gauthier and her husband, Gilles located on 1757 Main St. Winnipeg.

They wanted a logo that refelected the colour tones and warmth of thier fresh baked breads, with a traditional look, reflected classic brush script font style paired in a baroque inspired frame.  A little Baquette character is carried over from the earlier logo which reflects thier charming personailities.

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Optimized Occupational Therapy

Founder JULIE BELL O.T.REG. (MB) hired Bright Idea Graphics to develope a new brand for her OT Practice to ensure a design reflected the core principles of Occupational Therapy being accessibility.

We developed a brand that enconpassed the 4 main areas of her practice with a dominant primiary colour  in a form void any shard corners or right angles, bold fonts and a colour pallette which was visually accessible.

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Straight Arrow Automotive

This logo is to represent the fact that it’s a First Nations owned and operated automotive services business. The font style used implies movement.


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People’s Labour Party – PLP

Belize Central America Elections 2019

PLP Leader Ernest Raymond has been a client with Brigth Idea Graphics when we where just starting out in Belize publishing Wheels Magazine 1998. 

This logo was a special endevour as the graphics had to represent the core values of thier party. Unity and cohesion, diversity, patriotic, beauty of moutnians and seas, futrure yet sustainability.

ASAP Moving and Storage

ASAP is a local family owned moving company that specializes in small moves locally. Owner Robert Weslley reach out to Bright Idea Graphics for a new logo and Branding

ASAP’s owner is a native Canadian and wanted his logo to reflect his heritage hence the Phoenix outline embossed with a native Indian weave and colour pattern.


Dream Resource Partners

Dream Resource Partners

Dream Resource Partners is a local small investment company specializing in equipment financing.

We design a logo that has the sparkle of innovation, inspiration with blue and orange festive tones.

ALL Side Co.

The All Side Co. Logo is a great example our logo rebranding service. We do not actually create a logo from scratch rather using the existing elements we modify and update the look.

This can mean size, colour values, tag lines, fint styles and any combination. In this example All Sides was chasnging thier name to All Side Co.

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One OnMarlin

One On Marlin is an all inclusive resort appealing to adults and couples. The name of this resort is the address #1 Marlin Rd. Turks and Caicos Islands.

The design of the font is to reflect the class and orghanc style of this 5 star resort located just off Grace Bay beach and the Marlin is well known in the local sport fishing community.

The name is crafted using a gorthic square custom font style paired with a contrasting fibonacci inspired Marlin in a carribean sea colours.

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Baacos Bar & Grill – Ultimate Logo Package

Located in Thompson Manitoba, owner Kory Wickdale required a whole new brand for his vision of an upscale yet relaxed bar and grill.

Their custom logo represents his passion for music and is also part of his new vision of providing Live Entertainment.

The font style is very contemporary rustic font to pair with the weathered brick background image.

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IdealPOS ReBrand

IdealPOS is Winnipeg’s leading POS dealer. Owner Gord Doerkson contacted Bright Idea Graphics to design a new logo that would reflect todays market place as the conventional style cash register was more of a thing from the past.

The new logo design highlights a bold font along with the wifi accent to imply the new bluetooth and wifi generation of the Point of Sale Systems.


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