What is an NFT Domain?

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When you decide to buy your first Unstoppable Domain, you’re going to start seeing a lot of terms like blockchain, decentralized, NFT, web3, and more. While they’re all related to owning an Unstoppable domain , they don’t all mean the same thing.

What Are NFT Domains?

“TLDR; NFT domains are domains that live on a public blockchain and give users complete ownership of their stored data. The main benefits to owning one are simplifying crypto transactions by replacing wallet addresses with the domain name and easily creating and hosting websites on web3”Unstoppable Domains

Just as GoDaddy is one of the worlds largest domain registrars for the web2.0 there are new companies that are now offered NFT Domains or Web3.0.

Unstoppable Domains: .crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .coin, .zil

Namecoin  x.bit

Etherium Name Service (ENS) .eth

Bonifida .sol

What is a NFT?

NFT (Non-fungible token)
a digital certificate of authenticity used to assign and verify ownership of a unique digital or physical asset. Unlike fungible tokens, NFTs are not interchangeable with one another. Unstoppable Domains are NFTs themselves, meaning you have complete ownership and control over them.

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