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What Goes Into a EMAIL

Typical Email Newletter Breakdown

A typical landing page is your most important page and it’s important to be easy to navigate and SEO content driven,

Part 1 Header: The top inch of a website that provides logo and brand identity, contact info and share tools as well as many other features for enhanced userability and experience.

Part 2 Menu: You menu or top level navigation can be customized with limitless options.

Part 3 Hero Slide Show: A slide show can also act as a way to navigate your reader to areas of interest on your website.

Part 4 Feature Sections: Most contemporary websites often like to have feature sections which may include:

  • Skills of Expertise
  • Team Members
  • Portfolio

Featured Products – E-commerce

Part 5 Testimonials: Nothing builds consumer confidence like customer testimonials or reviews. A necessary feature on any web business website.

Part 6 Blog Posts: Blogging or content marketing is a great way to increase your SEO and to keep your visitors coming back to your site.

Part 7 Footer: Often used for navigation, contact information, disclaimers, and copyright notices.