Types of QR Codes to Improve Print and Digital Media

Restaurant Menu

Easily share a PDF file with a single scan. This QR Code type stores your brochure, product manual, catalog, menu, and many other PDF files.

vCard Plus

Expand your network effortlessly. Include this specific type of QR Code on your business card to provide additional contact information and a “save to phone” button.


Quickly gather insightful consumer feedback. Use this specific sort of QR Code to monitor consumer happiness, and the results will be delivered right to your mailbox.

QR for Business Cards

Potential customers or employers can easily add your contact information to their mobile devices by scanning the vCard Plus QR Code on your business card rather than manually putting it in. They only need to scan and save.


QR for Flyers

Want to quickly publicise a great occasion, a new product, or an attractive offer? The flyer is the ideal marketing tool for you in that case. Your online network will grow and its effectiveness will be increased by adding a QR Code.


QR for Signs

Print marketing is being given new life by the growing popularity of QR Codes. They may give your displays a fresh perspective and assist you in increasing your marketing efforts, increasing website traffic, and tracking campaign analytics.

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